With our method of sale,
    you as a seller have no risk to lose any money if the sale is not successfully completed.

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  • Acreage

    Some of the things we do at Dhillon Real Estate
    are quite different if not opposite from main
    stream typical real estate methods and require a bit of discussion and thought.

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    Looking for property on rent in Ingleburn?
    Dhillon Real Estate showcases quality rental apartments, condos, houses and townhouses across Ingleburn. Contact us for latest rentals for your family.

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Real Estate Advertising and Marketing

Even if the Agent is advertising free of charge, don't let them do it.

If an agent is advertising 'Properties for Sale' in this week's paper, it's obvious that they didn't get any enquiry from the last week's advertisement. Let's assume advertising does find buyers and the agent found 30 buyers from last weeks ads. Lets assume they have sold 4 properties during last week. So why do they need to advertise again if they have a huge back log of buyers in the waiting queue. Surely there must be a reason behind advertising week after week. If it is not for finding buyers than it must be to find sellers as there is no one else involved in real estate transaction? Or is it to be used as a material proof to condition the seller to lower the asking price of their property down the track? Surely it requires a bit of discussion and thought.

A short note to say thank you very much for your recent efforts in the sale of my property in Ingleburn. You commitment in getting a sale for the right price was pleasing, and the extra effort you went to beyond what you were obliged to do was outstanding...........

Peter Watts

Years of experience and trust of our clients is what drives our business. Interested in investing in real estate market? book one to one appointment with us.

Thinking of Investment or living in New South Wales, Dhillon Real Estate can help you. Whether you are looking for new townhouse, new detached home or a land investment and growth of your hard earned money is our priority.

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With our method of sale, you as a seller have no risk to lose any money if the sale is not successfully completed. You don't pay any money whatsoever for whatever reason until the property is sold at the price that you are happy with. Contact us for a sales consultant to visit your home at the time of your convenience to discuss what is involved in selling. Real estate selling has quite a few tricks and traps for the unwary and we want to be sure that you have been told everything.

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