Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are the homes for sale ?

As agents we are employed by you, the homeseller, to find a buyer for your home. It is our responsibility to sell your home for the best market value. Our first duty is to protect the value of your home. By displaying specific details of homes on the Internet, it means anyone can look at your home - neighbours, other real estate agents and, of course, homebuyers. If your home does not sell, it quickly goes stale. It becomes known as the local 'lemon'. It is well-known in real estate that the purpose of Internet advertising is not to sell a home, but to find more homesellers.

Many people looking to buy a home are also looking to sell a home. By seeing lots of homes advertised it creates the impression that the agent is large and active. This may be so; but, as a homeseller, your first priority is to protect the value of your home. You want to sell for the best price. An agent can be large and active and still not get the best price. Buyers do not buy homes because of the Internet, they buy because they like a home. They need to SEE your home. The average buyer spends more than three months looking for a home. Sure, many of them use the Internet, but they are looking for information, they are doing research and they are looking for an agent who has the right home to suit them. In order to buy your home, buyers have to INSPECT your home. When the buyers contact us - as hundreds do - we discover what they want. If we feel your home will suit them, we arrange a time for the buyers to inspect your home.

Genuine homebuyers love our method of finding a home. They may not be able to buy a bargain, but to a genuine buyer the most important requirement is finding the right home at a price they can afford. To a seller, the most important point is the right market price. And this cannot be done by specifically advertising a home. Advertising does not sell homes, it just attracts buyers. But there are other more efficient ways of attracting buyers without damaging the value of an owner's home by mass advertising it.

2. How do you find buyers ?

Our sales creators are dedicated to looking for buyers and sellers. We are available after work and all weekend so buyers can easily contact us. We advertise ourselves in the newspaper at OUR expense saving you money. Thousands of people all over Australia and New Zealand are ready to refer business to agents using the Jenman System. Buyers drive around areas and look for the "For Sale" signs. They spend an average of 85 days looking in these areas before they buy. Neighboring properties owners are canvassed. An up-to-date enquiry log is kept of the hundreds who ring each month. Every representative has an active client list of potential buyers

3. Do I need to advertise my property in the newspaper or on the Internet ?

THE MORE A HOME is advertised and the longer it remains unsold the easier it becomes for agents to persuade sellers to lower their prices. "Look, we've advertised your home and it hasn't sold. The market is telling us it's too dear." What the agents are not saying is that the advertising itself may be the biggest reason the home has not sold. In so many cases, if the home had not been advertised, the selling price could have been much higher. The advertising damaged the value of the home.

4. How much we should pay an agent to sell property ?

Consumers are conditioned to believe that buying or selling real estate is difficult. For years we have been told we need agents. But, in most cases, this is not true. In most cases, we do not need agents. Research shows that nine out of ten consumers do not trust agents. And yet more than nine out of ten of us choose agents to sell our homes. Our greatest asset entrusted to people we don't trust.

Typically, when selling with agents, thousands of home owners endure one of the worst experiences of their lives. And then, when their homes are sold - usually for less than they expected - these owners are forced to pay thousand of dollars. The average commission on the average home sale is now around $10,000 - plus expenses. It hurts. But it doesn't have to be this way. It is easy to sell without an agent. Much easier than most people imagine. And not only can homesellers save thousands in commission, there is another huge advantage of selling without using a typical agent - a higher price. If you have ever met an agent and thought you could do a better job yourself, you are right. There is little that the typical agent does that you could not do yourself.

5. How much is my property worth ?

ONE OF THE MOST COMMON mistakes made by sellers is believing the price the agent quotes for the sale of their home. Once you sign-up with the agent, if the selling price is less than the price you were quoted, too bad. There is nothing in the "standard" real estate agreements that compels agents to honour their quotes. The 'Quote Trap' catches thousands of sellers who are told one price before they sign-up and another price after they have signed-up. As absurd as it seems, if a home sells for any price, the agent still gets paid.

6. Looking to buy a family home. How can you help us ?

Buying a home can be easy, simple and pleasurable. All you have to do is find an agent who will take out the hard parts. As a Jenman APPROVED agent, our aim for all homebuyers is simple: To help you find the home you love. Here's how we can help you. Please contact us and tell us what you want - the type of home, the area you wish to live in and the approximate price you wish to pay. If we have a home on our books that may suit you, we'll tell you all about it. And, we will tell you the TRUTH - the price, the description and the conditions of sale.

If you wish to see the home, we will then arrange an inspection time to suit you. If we do not have a home to suit you, we can subject to your approval, search for a home on your behalf. We call it our Home Find Program. Let us do the hard work. There is no obligation or charge for this service. Before you find the right home you need to find the right agent, one who will treat you with respect and courtesy, one who has a large range of beautiful homes at excellent prices. That's us. At the moment, we have many lovely homes for sale. One could be the home you love. Before you make that huge financial decision, DON'T SIGN ANYTHING to buy any home until you see what we can offer you.

7. Why should we choose you as our selling agent?

Please contact us for a sales consultant to visit your home at the time of your convenience to discuss what is involved in selling. Real estate selling has quite a few tricks and traps for the unwary and we want to be sure that you have been told everything. Some of the things we do at Dhillon Real Estate are quite different if not opposite from main stream typical real estate methods and require a bit of discussion and thought. We promise that by sparing the time now and discovering the inside secrets of real estate, you could save thousands whenever you decide to sell.

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