For Sellers

With our method of sale, you as a seller have no risk to lose any money if the sale is not successfully completed. You don't pay any money whatsoever for whatever reason until the property is sold at the price that you are happy with. Contact us for a sales consultant to visit your home at the time of your convenience to discuss what is involved in selling. Real estate selling has quite a few tricks and traps for the unwary and we want to be sure that you have been told everything.

Some of the things we do at Dhillon Real Estate are quite different if not opposite from main stream typical real estate methods and require a bit of discussion and thought. We promise that by sparing the time now and discovering the inside secrets of real estate, you could save thousands whenever you decide to sell.

You must discover if the agent is honest and competent. There are two ways to do this.

First, ask the agent for details of all their current home sellers whose properties hasn't been sold yet. Call some of these people and see if they recommend the agent. Check if they are paying the same selling fee and if they paid (Lost) any money upfront prior to selling their property?

Secondly you should 'Mystery Shop' the agent as a buyer to make sure the agent is not going to say one thing to you and another thing to buyers. Call the agent's office and make enquiries about one or more of the homes they have for sale. Ask questions such as "Why is the home being sold?" and "What is the lowest price the owners will take for this home?" 'Mystery shopping' will tell you if this is the agent you want to handle the sale of your home.

If that agent is using different methods of sale (Auction, Private Treaty, Price-Range etc.) for different properties that means either that agent is incompetent by not knowing which is the best method of sale or is dishonest by stitching them with whatever trick works for that client on that day. Interview as many agents as required to find the one you feel comfortable dealing with. If you can't find a good agent then seriously think about selling privately.

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